Role Playing Game - Knight Life

by Many students participated to this project’s analyses and coding and on the video editing:

Project Description

For the sixth year of the Focus Innovation project, the students created a video game.
This video game was create using the Unity engine and the C# language.
The "Dungonizer" model was bought in order to manipulate random dungeons.
The game idea is based on Roguelike.
This game uses a turn-based battle system in random dungeons.
All images were created by the students using the Gimp software.
The CCNB Bathurst will use this video in kiosks.


  • Programming language: Unity engine
  • Programming language: C#

Online course

  • For the first time, a student followed the Focus Innovation group remotely using Adobe Connect software.
  • Originally, from "École Secondaire Népisiguit" of Bathurst, he is now at the "École Aux Quatre Vents" from Dalhousie.

Knight Life. Screenshots examples:

Main menu

Statistics selection

Random dungeon

Fight scene

Game Over

Video editing

The I-Spring software was used for the video editing sample.
Sample of the video gameplay.


Many students participated to this video game's analyses and editing:

  • Luc Frenette
  • Philippe Normand
  • Xavier André Haché

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