Diocese of Bathurst

by Many students participated in the project

Project Description

During the Focus Innovation second year, a project for the Diocese of Bathurst was undertaken.
The goal was to computerized the cemeteries information on a web site to facilitate the search process.
Due to the lapse of time, this project was not completed. However, the students effort on this project deserves to be acknowledge.
Many tests were created in order to select the best approach for the search engine.

Screen capture example:

Multiple points of reference

By using « Google Map », you can identify multiple points of reference on the map.

Coordinates capture

Two programs in C# were created to capture and save the data in text files.

C# program screen capture:

Database screen capture:


A program was created in C# to save data in a Microsoft Access database.

MongoDB and PHP

Finally for this project, an oriented-object database was used.

The database is manipulated by MongoDB and the Web Site uses PHP to establish the link between the page and the data.

A Linux server was used.


Many students participated in the project’s analyze phase:

  • Christian Arseneau
  • Mathieu Godin
  • Jesse Jubinville
  • Drake Luce
  • Riley Pelletier
  • Richard Roy

One student participated in the coding of this project:

  • Drake Luce

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