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What is Focus Innovation?

The goal of Focus Innovation is to accelerate growth of technology knowledge in New-Brunswick. Therefore we could further our understanding of it.

Focus Innovation involves entrepreneurs, CCNB, and high schools.



Discovery:  Exposure to information technology and to a business environment – Grades 10 and 11

  • Information sessions and context
  • Must value the benefits of being in business
  • Orientation week – involvement of parents and post‐secondary institutions

Inclusion:  Recruitment for CCNB programs – Grade 12

  • Promotion of CCNB's program (exhibitions)
  • Presentation by members of the college program
  • A week intended for orientation – CCNB is present
  • Presentations by the private sector (open table discussion)
  • International inclusion (newcomers – immigrants)


Reinforcement:  1st year of the college program (CCNB)

  • Training and related training
  • Offering context in order to find solutions to real problems identified byentrepreneurs

Skills:  2nd year of the college program (CCNB)

  • Mentorship service sponsored by entrepreneurs
  • A flash‐internship program
  • “Pitch Day” for entrepreneurs
  • Innovative projects – with the support of college teams
  • Innovation fair – organized by CCNB with the participation of entrepreneurs and stakeholders (provincial & federal governments)


Graduates:  selection of champions, support for new ideas

  • Start‐up:  find common ground to encourage: sharing of knowledge, the notion of cash flow, the search for investors, product development and prototyping, attracting talented candidates, collaboration, financing for research and development and the search for administrators, expert advisors and early adopters
  • Growth:  mentorship, searching for new clients, identifying new markets, building a loyal customer base, developing new products and bringing initial ideas to maturity, financing R&D, investors, cash flow, financial management and human resources
  • Expansion:  continued training, financing, attracting top talent, investors, management’s key roles
  • Maturity:  financial management, investors, attracting out‐of‐province capital, strategic alliances and fusions

Our Partners

The information and communications expertise

Sentinel Systems
Sentinel Systems

A software company that designs solutions in case of an emergency and can help you anywhere anytime.

Their tools are used to better respond to the client needs in case of a disaster or an emergency.


An organization that specializes in creative web development, software development, and electronic business consulting.

They can add value to your business.

CCNB Bathurst

We offer programs based on the workplace essential skills.

We offer quality formation services responding to the need of customers.

Bathurst High School (BHS)

We are an English High School.

The student population, from grades 9 to 12, is around 630.

École Secondaire Népisiguit (ESN)

We are a French High School.

The student population, from grades 9 to 12, is around 950.

CBDC Chaleur
CBDC Chaleur


Contact Details

Address: Bathurst (New-Brunswick) E2A 4B9

Department Head : Stéphanie Doucet-Landry

Phone : (506) 547-2781

Fax : (506) 547-7674

Email: Stephanie.Doucet@ccnb.ca

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